Merriam-Webster Online defines swelling as “an abnormal bodily protuberance or localized enlargement.” This is one of the readily observable phenomena after laser tattoo removal, and is expected to occur immediately after the procedure.


See, the human body is equipped with an internal protection system that kicks off every time it senses an assault is about to take place. Using laser to erase ink from your body isn’t exactly assault in the conventional term, but your body doesn’t think of it that way. Anything that hurts your body is the enemy, and to survive, biological protective mechanisms must set in.

How to Deal

First, determine the swelling isn’t an allergic reaction. Once that’s out of the way, keep the swelling under control by placing ice packs on the area. Do this right after the procedure, and every few hours after that, to keep swelling at bay.

Do note this should go away a full day, at most, after the operation. By then, your body has figured out it isn’t under attack, after all, and will lower its physiological defences.