Scabbing takes place after blister formation, and is one of the better indicators of skin healing.

Sometimes dryness and crusting occur with scab formation, and this combination may convince you to scratch away. But nope, no scratching allowed.


A scab refers to the “coat” placed over your skin to cover up the exposed area as your body heals the wound by creating a new layer of skin. They offer a protective function as new skin is created, so it’s a must you do not pick at them.

How to Deal

The best way to deal with scab formation is to leave the crusts alone. That’s it. The ball’s in your body’s court now; your role is to ensure it heals in as little effort as possible.

Wait for the scab to fall or come off on their own. Scabs should disappear within 2 weeks. Of course, you can undergo laser tattoo removal and not have scabbing. If this sounds like you, well, lucky you!