Laser tattoo removal isn’t exactly a pain-free process, so itchiness after the procedure is common, expected even. Fortunately, there are methods you can do to keep yourself from losing it over the maddening itch.


Itching indicates your immune system has begun to knit the tattoo-removal breaks back into place. Your body sets into gear an intricate healing process involving blood clotting, skin knitting, and scarring.

This uncomfortable sensation can also be due to dry, dehydrated skin. Laser, being a source of intense heat, zaps up your skin’s moisture. This leaves skin feeling parched, and dry skin is practically synonymous with itching.

How to Deal

You can say itching is a battle of wills. The temptation to do so may be massive, but you must not scratch the affected area! Scratching can break the sensitive skin, and this could lead to a host of problems down the line.

Ditch the itch by slathering on some fragrance-free moisturizer or cream after your daily shower. Consult your tattoo specialist or dermatologist for a trusty brand or variant that’s safe to put on your lasered skin.

Put your hot-shower habit to rest while you’re going through laser tattoo removal sessions. Hot water too drinks up the moisture from your skin, causing the itching to worsen.