Size of the Tattoo

The bigger the tattoo, the more sessions are required to remove it.

Black or coloured ink?

Colour will generally require more treatments than black ink.

Location on the body

The closer the tattoo is to your heart, the more blood flow, the quicker it will be to remove. Hands, lower legs and feet do require more treatments.

Professional or Amateur tattoo application

Professional tattoos tend to inject ink deeper into the skin, which require more treatments to reach the depth and remove ink.


Depth and amount of ink used.


Tattoos older than 5 years will require fewer treatments than newer tattoos.

Skin Tone

Clients with lighter skin will respond more efficiently than darker skin. This is because the laser is more effective when there is more of a contrast in shades between the tattoo ink and the tone of the skin.

Immune Response

How efficiently your body removes and flushes the broken ink particles after each treatment may be one of the most important variables.

Scar Tissue

Clients who have been treated elsewhere and have been left with irreversible scar tissue over their tattoo will require more treatments to penetrate the barrier to each the ink pigment.

Post Treatment Care

Proper post treatment care will ensure the healing process is as efficient as it can be.